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What causes pipes to become misaligned or bowed?

There are a few common reasons why pipes may become misaligned or bowed over time:

  • Ground movement - Unstable soil can lead to pipe misalignment. Coastal areas, such as Coogee, are especially prone to this due to erosion and environmental impacts on soil.
  • Improper installation - Pipes may sag or shift if not properly supported or connected initially.
  • Heavy loads - Construction equipment or heavy vehicles travelling overhead can cause excessive pressure on buried pipes, leading them to bend.
  • Tree roots can displace pipes, sometimes even requiring excavation to address the issue.
  • Corrosion - Corrosion causes pipes to weaken structurally, making them more prone to bending or breaking.

CCTV drain inspections help to uncover misalignment causes, informing our advice on relining or replacement.

Identifying misaligned and bowed pipes

There are several signs that may indicate your pipes have become misaligned or bowed:

  • Gurgling sounds - Bent pipes disrupt wastewater flow, often causing gurgling noises from air pockets.
  • Frequent clogs - Deformations narrow the pipe, increasing clog risk.
  • Sewage backups - Misalignments in sewage pipes can create stagnant sewage pools that back up into homes.
  • Visible deformities - Cracks, leaks, and oddly positioned pipes may be visible.
  • CCTV inspections - Running a drain camera inside pipes clearly shows deformities and issues.

Leveraging our extensive plumbing experience, we accurately diagnose pipe misalignments and deformities. Comprehensive CCTV pipe inspections map the entire drainage system, pinpointing any problem areas that may require intervention. We can then advise on necessary repairs like pipe relining or replacement.

Can pipe relining address misaligned or bowed pipes?

Pipe relining effectively corrects mild cases of misalignment or bowing in pipes. The relining process involves inserting a resin-saturated liner into the existing pipe and curing it to form a smooth, seamless new pipe within the old one.

This trenchless technique efficiently and non-disruptively corrects minor deformations in concrete, clay, and plastic pipes. Severe damage, collapse, or significant displacement in pipes, particularly PVC, often require full replacement.

During a CCTV pipe inspection, our specialists assess factors like:

  • The extent of misalignment or deformation
  • The pipe’s material and structural integrity
  • The diameter and length of affected sections pipe

This data helps determine whether relining can restore pipe functionality. In general, pipe relining can accommodate bends up to 45 degrees and ovalisation up to 15%.

Key benefits of using pipe relining for bowed and non-aligned pipes include:

  • Eliminates the need for excavation, preventing property damage and the associated hassle
  • Significantly more efficient and quicker than pipe replacement
  • Durable and long-lasting, providing decades of service
  • Prevents the intrusion of roots and debris
  • Cost-effective, potentially saving thousands in repairs

Our skilled plumbers deliver high-quality pipe relining services across Brisbane, thanks to extensive experience. After thoroughly inspecting your drains, we will advise you on why you should choose the best solution for misaligned or bowed pipes on your property.

When is pipe relining suitable?

We advocate for pipe relining due to its non-intrusive nature, ideal for pipes with structural integrity despite cracks, leaks, blockages, or mild misalignments. As long as a CCTV drain inspection determines the pipe can still support a resin-impregnated liner and hold its form during curing, relining is an excellent option.

Specific scenarios where pipe relining excels include:

  • Pipes with minor bends or deformations
  • Non-collapsed sewer pipe materials including clay, concrete, iron, and plastic
  • Small diameter pipes up to 12 inches across
  • Locations where excavation and pipe replacement would be highly disruptive like busy urban areas

Sewer pipe relining avoids the extensive excavation typically required to unearth pipes, thus reducing property damage. Without digging up pipes, there’s no need for demolishing driveways, floors, or landscaping, avoiding traditional repair chaos.

Our Sydney-based plumbing service opts for non-invasive techniques to minimise disruption. Pipe relining presents a disturbance-free solution to drainage issues, making it ideal for densely populated areas.

Limitations of pipe relining

While relining Brisbane pipes is highly effective in many situations, there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • Collapsed or critically damaged pipes typically cannot be relined, but alternative solutions are available. If a pipe has lost all structural integrity, replacement is usually required.
  • Tree root ingress - If roots have fully penetrated your pipe, they must be cleared before relining is possible.
  • Angled joints - Relining cannot resolve pipes joined at angles exceeding 45 degrees.
  • High levels of ovalisation or deformation may prevent lining insertion.

Our team of expert plumbers will inspect the full extent of damage using CCTV technology, offering our clients comprehensive diagnostics. We will then recommend whether pipe relining is the most suitable repair method or if replacement is necessary.

Acknowledging relining’s limitations, we apply it after thorough assessment to eliminate the need for disruptive excavation. We will always provide honest advice on whether relining your pipes is the best option for your situation.

Pipe relining process for misaligned and bowed pipes

Relining misaligned or bowed pipes involves a multi-step process:

  1. CCTV pipe inspection - We thoroughly inspect the affected pipes using a drain camera to determine if relining pipe is suitable. The video reveals crucial information for repairing your pipe, such as the material, diameter, exact deformations, and integrity.
  2. Our process includes thorough pipe cleaning to remove blockages or debris, ensuring smooth liner installation and adhesion.
  3. Resin preparation - A flexible felt liner soaked in water-activated epoxy resin is prepared. It remains flexible to navigate bends.
  4. Liner insertion - The liner is fed through an access point like a manhole then guided manually through misalignments using a system of pulleys or poles.
  5. The resin is cured using steam or UV light, bonding the liner and forming a robust new pipe inside the old one. It hardens smooth against the pipe walls, creating a pipe-within-a-pipe.
  6. Service reconnection - Once cured, we use a remote-controlled robot to neatly trim and reconnect service lines.

We guarantee that relined pipes will remain structurally sound, with a durability of over 50 years. Severely damaged pipes can still need replacement if unsuitable for a liner. Our expertise allows assessing this accurately.

What to expect during pipe relining

When you book a pipe relining with Coogee Plumbing, here is what you can expect on the day of your service:

  • Arrival of our technicians and preparation of equipment - Expect 2-3 plumbers with CCTV cameras, resin liners, steam generators, and more.
  • Reinspection and final measurements - We recheck the pipes with cameras to validate the job.
  • Safety and access setup - We protect your property, setup barriers/signage, and establish our access points.
  • Pipe cleaning - We also thoroughly clean out old pipes with high-pressure water jets before lining.
  • Liner insertion and curing - The liner coated with special epoxy resin is inserted then cured, either by heat or UV light.
  • Reconnection of laterals - We carefully reopen service lines to restore connections.
  • Testing and inspection - Final CCTV checks validate smooth flows and lining integrity.
  • Site cleanup and removal of equipment - We tidy the workspace, answer questions, and depart.

The above often takes 1 full working day. We take all necessary measures to safeguard your home during the process.

While some noise from machinery is inevitable, we strive to minimise overall disruption. With over 10 years servicing Coogee, we excel at keeping pipe relining Brisbane-focused and non-invasive.

Aftercare and lifespan of relined pipes

Relined pipes require minimal ongoing maintenance and will provide decades of additional service life. Properly installed liners provide a robust solution to leaking pipes, remaining structurally sound for at least 50 years before needing replacement.

Epoxy resin linings create a smooth, protective interior barrier that guards against corrosion, leaks, cracks, and root-induced blockages. They rehabilitate old pipes to a new strong, better than new condition.

For continued optimal performance we recommend:

  • Avoid pouring harsh chemicals like paints or oils down drains
  • Use drain strainers for hair and food scraps to prevent blockages, and we’re here to assist if issues arise.
  • Give us a call immediately if you notice any new drainage issues

As Sydney’s leading plumbing provider, our work is backed with long-term guarantees on our quality craftsmanship. Your pipe relining services come with at least a 10 year warranty. Contact us to learn more.

With routine drain maintenance and our pipe protection, your relined pipes should serve your property reliably for 50+ years. Rest assured your drains are secure for decades to come after pipe relining from our Coogee team.

When to choose replacement over relining

While pipe relining offers an excellent trenchless repair option in many cases, full pipe replacement remains the best solution under certain circumstances including:

  • Complete pipe collapses leaving no intact structure to support a liner
  • Severely damaged or misaligned pipes with breaks, cracks, or deformations exceeding 45 degrees
  • Heavy root intrusion that cannot be cleared prior to relining
  • Pipes smaller than 3 inches or larger than 12 inches in diameter
  • Asbestos cement pipes that require special handling
  • When relining fails to fully resolve drainage issues

The replacement of severely compromised or collapsed pipes offers peace of mind with new piping compliant with modern standards. It also allows for:

  • Increased flow capacity with larger diameters on your old pipes
  • Resolving persistently problematic sections of piping
  • Complete removal of invasive tree roots from sewer pipes
  • Long lifespans of 50+ years

We offer extensive expertise in pipe relining across Brisbane, as well as full pipe replacements involving excavation and repiping services. Although disruptive, traditional methods of pipe replacement remain the superior option in certain relining-unsuitable situations.

Recap: Is pipe relining suitable for misaligned or bowed pipes?

Pipe relining is commonly a viable solution for mildly misaligned or bowed pipes. Contact our team at Coogee Plumbing via the new Google business contact if you suspect issues with misalignment or deformation.

A resin-coated pipe lining is inserted into the existing pipe and cured to form a smooth, seamless new pipe within. The trenchless technique reinstates functionality for minor aberrations up to 45 degrees bend and 15% ovalisation. Our expertise enables us to recommend the most suitable option, be it relining or replacement, for your specific situation.

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